It’s A Marriage Part 1

3 Years Ago Miss Geet Handa’s Story

Our love story began in college, but not the way you might think… Maan and I attended Carnegie Mellon University together for four years without meeting. Maan’s an Engineer and I’m an Interior Designer yeah ,polar opposite fields of study. We managed to pass each other on campus and had lots of mutual friends but never actually met. That is, until the very final weeks of our senior year, when getting into a serious relationship is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

During those last weeks of school, I planned a dinner with my two best friends Vicky and Sameera and Vicky  asked if he could bring along one of his good friends to even out the boy-girl ratio. This friend was Maan. During dinner Maan and I instantly bonded over our mutual obsession with Game of Thrones and the fact that we had both attended Waldorf schools growing up .

Maan says he started liking me from the moment we met, but for me it took a little more time. Dating was far down on my list of priorities because I had so much excitement ahead of me. I was about to graduate, get out of Pittsburgh, travel in Europe, and head to Grad School. But…we still had a couple of weeks left, and there was something about Maan that intrigued me enough to keep talking to him. We hung out a few times but I wasn’t feeling a spark. I planned a couple of dates with him which I even ended up cancelling! Silly, silly me. But one night, during our first real date, everything changed in an extraordinary way. We had one of those first dates of dreams where everything goes better than you could have imagined. The sparks flew like fireworks and couldn’t be ignored. That night we came to the realization that what we were experiencing was something significant. I finally realized I was dealing with someone remarkable , one of those people you’re lucky to even come across once in your lifetime.

There was only one problem we were graduating the next day and leaving for good. We had to go our separate ways, but knew we had to stay in touch. We skyped regularly and had our ups and downs each wondering if we should continue long distance with so little vision for our future. It seemed when I was ready to go for it, he was unsure, and vice versa. We both had two full years of commitments ahead of us on different sides of the country. We’d only known each other for a few months! Was there enough to build a viable long distance relationship? We reached a point where we lost faith and decided to end it. Being the rational people we are, we couldn’t see a logical way for our relationship to work. We completely stopped talking and I tried to forget him. But I couldn’t. And Maan couldn’t.

Maan flew out to visit me during the first month of school. We had an incredible weekend that solidified in my mind that we needed to be together, no matter the sacrifice. I poured my heart out and we decided to trust what we thought we had, what we now know we have.


Maan Singh Khurana’s Thoughts

Back then in Carnegie Mellon University I was totally mesmerized by the Beauty Geet Handa , we never talked but always had mutual friends . We passed each other every day and it took every ounce of me to control myself and not approach her . I was falling crazy in love with her yet I knew my Father would one day get me married to one of his Business Associates . I didn’t want to just date her I wanted her for life . During the last few weeks of University my friend Vicky invited me to a dinner where my Dream Girl , Geet was also there . We both bonded so well and connected to some level . It was then that I decided to fight and be with her but now look at me married to Sameera . Its also true I had to date Sameera while My Beautiful Geet thought I betrayed her and just used her . How was I going to tell her if I didn’t date and marry Sameera my father would divorce my mom and ruin Geet and her family . Yes my father is a monster but now I’m preparing my self to leave to Manhattan on a Business Conference . I’m hoping to bump into Geet


It’s A Marriage


Introduction To Story And Character Sketch


Maan and Sameera Singh Khurana are married for 10 months , they have dated each other for 6 months before they got married their marriage was a Love Marriage or was it ?

Dev and Geet Singh are married for 4 months and they marriage was an Arranged One or was that Forced ?


This is story about Marriages , The Wrong Choices , The Misunderstandings , The Lies , The Deceit , Unfulfilled Love , The Promises , Broken Promises , Trust and Mistrust , The Values Of Marriage Vows , The Plans , The Games , The Family , Society  and Careers

Maan Singh Khurana 25 years a man with high principals and morals how would he lead his Marriage will it be successful or not ?

Geet Singh  24 years a person with morals and values respects all how would she lead her marriage

Sameera Singh Khurana  24 years an opportunist what does Marriage really mean to her ?

Dev Singh 26 years a man that loves his career and always makes sure his career is number one in his life what would his Marriage mean to him ?

These young married couples all have their careers while Maan and Geet both have dreams of their own marriages and planning for their future with their spouses but would they be successful or would these two individuals have to cross paths to make their lives successful .