It’s A Marriage Part 1

3 Years Ago Miss Geet Handa’s Story

Our love story began in college, but not the way you might think… Maan and I attended Carnegie Mellon University together for four years without meeting. Maan’s an Engineer and I’m an Interior Designer yeah ,polar opposite fields of study. We managed to pass each other on campus and had lots of mutual friends but never actually met. That is, until the very final weeks of our senior year, when getting into a serious relationship is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

During those last weeks of school, I planned a dinner with my two best friends Vicky and Sameera and Vicky  asked if he could bring along one of his good friends to even out the boy-girl ratio. This friend was Maan. During dinner Maan and I instantly bonded over our mutual obsession with Game of Thrones and the fact that we had both attended Waldorf schools growing up .

Maan says he started liking me from the moment we met, but for me it took a little more time. Dating was far down on my list of priorities because I had so much excitement ahead of me. I was about to graduate, get out of Pittsburgh, travel in Europe, and head to Grad School. But…we still had a couple of weeks left, and there was something about Maan that intrigued me enough to keep talking to him. We hung out a few times but I wasn’t feeling a spark. I planned a couple of dates with him which I even ended up cancelling! Silly, silly me. But one night, during our first real date, everything changed in an extraordinary way. We had one of those first dates of dreams where everything goes better than you could have imagined. The sparks flew like fireworks and couldn’t be ignored. That night we came to the realization that what we were experiencing was something significant. I finally realized I was dealing with someone remarkable , one of those people you’re lucky to even come across once in your lifetime.

There was only one problem we were graduating the next day and leaving for good. We had to go our separate ways, but knew we had to stay in touch. We skyped regularly and had our ups and downs each wondering if we should continue long distance with so little vision for our future. It seemed when I was ready to go for it, he was unsure, and vice versa. We both had two full years of commitments ahead of us on different sides of the country. We’d only known each other for a few months! Was there enough to build a viable long distance relationship? We reached a point where we lost faith and decided to end it. Being the rational people we are, we couldn’t see a logical way for our relationship to work. We completely stopped talking and I tried to forget him. But I couldn’t. And Maan couldn’t.

Maan flew out to visit me during the first month of school. We had an incredible weekend that solidified in my mind that we needed to be together, no matter the sacrifice. I poured my heart out and we decided to trust what we thought we had, what we now know we have.


Maan Singh Khurana’s Thoughts

Back then in Carnegie Mellon University I was totally mesmerized by the Beauty Geet Handa , we never talked but always had mutual friends . We passed each other every day and it took every ounce of me to control myself and not approach her . I was falling crazy in love with her yet I knew my Father would one day get me married to one of his Business Associates . I didn’t want to just date her I wanted her for life . During the last few weeks of University my friend Vicky invited me to a dinner where my Dream Girl , Geet was also there . We both bonded so well and connected to some level . It was then that I decided to fight and be with her but now look at me married to Sameera . Its also true I had to date Sameera while My Beautiful Geet thought I betrayed her and just used her . How was I going to tell her if I didn’t date and marry Sameera my father would divorce my mom and ruin Geet and her family . Yes my father is a monster but now I’m preparing my self to leave to Manhattan on a Business Conference . I’m hoping to bump into Geet


It’s A Marriage


Introduction To Story And Character Sketch


Maan and Sameera Singh Khurana are married for 10 months , they have dated each other for 6 months before they got married their marriage was a Love Marriage or was it ?

Dev and Geet Singh are married for 4 months and they marriage was an Arranged One or was that Forced ?


This is story about Marriages , The Wrong Choices , The Misunderstandings , The Lies , The Deceit , Unfulfilled Love , The Promises , Broken Promises , Trust and Mistrust , The Values Of Marriage Vows , The Plans , The Games , The Family , Society  and Careers

Maan Singh Khurana 25 years a man with high principals and morals how would he lead his Marriage will it be successful or not ?

Geet Singh  24 years a person with morals and values respects all how would she lead her marriage

Sameera Singh Khurana  24 years an opportunist what does Marriage really mean to her ?

Dev Singh 26 years a man that loves his career and always makes sure his career is number one in his life what would his Marriage mean to him ?

These young married couples all have their careers while Maan and Geet both have dreams of their own marriages and planning for their future with their spouses but would they be successful or would these two individuals have to cross paths to make their lives successful .



An Arrangement – 21



“Coffee?” Maan offers her his cup. She answers with a smile and reaches for the cup .

Jaan are you still having to do your case studies from today

Oh !! Flip what is the time I had to meet my colleagues at 10.00 am

Well you best hurry up as you only have 30 mins left

Maan help me I will be late

Jaan wh….what  I must help ………….do you mean I must dress you maybe bath you

Maaan !! exclaimed Geet and just ran off to the bathroom

Maan smiled life with Geet was filled with happiness and colour

Few minutes later both sat in the car

Maan please drive fast

Jaan don’t stress we’ll reach your college on time

Oh No Maan I don’t have my college bag

Baby its in the booth so just relax

An Hour Later

Maan drops Geet at the college , however she was not late and wondered how that was even possible but was pleased that the class has not begun

Advocate Connell enters the class greets all the students and tells them that , they will be given case studies on real cases in a few different Law fields as part of the Practical Assignments

Geet was given – Family Law

She already hated it she was into Environmental Law and felt it just a waste of time doing other fields of Law and she voiced her opinion too .

Advocate Connell than said he is quiet aware that none of the law students present are into Family Law and that is the reason they doing this as Family and Environmental Law  can always be dealt together .

Geet opened her Family Law Book and checked the contents , she was surprised by the Interesting topics the contents held she than checked her Case Study Book but for some reason she could not figure anything out it was as if she blanked out

Geet stood up and excused herself from the class telling Advocate Connell she feels unwell

As Geet walked through the corridors of her college she wondered if she really wanted to be in Law she knows its her father’s dream and that was the only reason she went into Law

Jaan are you okay why have you come out so quickly from class

Maan you still here

Yes Baby I had to meet someone now tell me what has happened to you

Maan can you please take me home

Jaan what’s wrong did someone say something to you

No Maan , I left the class asking permission to leave so will you take back home

Of course Baby come on lets first go and grab some breakfast

No Maan I just want to be alone

Okay no breakfast so I’ll be starving ……… that’s fine

Maan you can surely have breakfast , but I’m not hungry

Jaan what is the real problem is there something or someone troubling you

And Geet just burst out crying , Maan had no idea what had just happened

as both Robyn and Ashley would only join college on Monday

Maan pulled his car over three blocks away from college , he got out of the car and went over to Geet’s side opened her door and took her out of the car she seemed dazed with worry and pain while the tears fell constantly .

Maan hugged her tight rubbing the back of her head and down her back trying to soothe her but she cried as if she was losing something Maan was confused but he needed to first concentrate on His Geet

Geet Jaan why you crying its okay we don’t have to go for breakfast neither will I starve  , please smile for your Maan please Baby

Geet still sobbing and in a broken voice says Maan I’m selfish I’m horrible I ….I’m

Sshh !!! My Love why you pointing fingers at yourself

Geet was again about to utter when Maan places his index finger on her lips saying

Baby My Beautiful Jaan I love You , you are my everything

I’m your everything

Yes Jaan you are , you my Goodness , my Kindness , my Spirit , my Innocence , my Naughtiness , my Playfulness , my Happiness, you are my Strength , my Family , my Love .You are the best part of me .

Maan will you still feel the same after you hear that I’m a cheater , I’m a loser

Hey did you not hear me don’t point fingers at my wife , now tell me Baby what is the actual problem that has made you feel this way

Maan can we go back to that Condo please

Baby !!! we’ll go there for sure but can we get something on the way

Yes with a teary smile

After 2 hours they arrived at the Resort and headed to the Condo where they had just spend a beautiful romantic date . On entering Geet was hit with sweet memories of the previous night blushing shyly to the colour pink .

Jaan Come over here and join me you do know I cannot eat alone

Maan please carry on have your breakfast , I’m truly not hungry and tears slowly made they way down her cheeks .

Maan walked over to her held her by waist and slowly kissed her eyes , took his thumb and swiped her tears away then he place a soft kiss on her nose and looked at Geet

Jaan I’m right here , please tell what has you so disturbed

Maan if I tell you what will you think of me then Geet uttered sadly and immediately Maan took her in his arms comforting her

Oh My Beautiful Jaan , there is nothing in the world that would make me think differently about you .

Taking Geet in his arms he lifted her and walked over to the breakfast table making her sit in his lap he opened one box of Cheese Croissant and took a bite

Wow this must be the best ever taste it Jaan putting the croissant near Geet’s lips and she had to take a bite making Maan smile after both eventually had they breakfast Maan again lifted Geet and went outside towards the pool . He laid her gently on the pool lounger kissing her forehead .

Jaan I’ll be back in 5 minutes Geet nodded and he walked back in taking his cell he made a call to Shamila Bhabhi notifying her that Geet feels disturbed and they both together at his new Condo . thereafter he made a call to India finding out from his Daadima how everything was and also told her to try and mention in front of Dev that Geet is now gone to Germany while he is still in USA .

Maan beta why should I tell lies , Dev is like a son in this house

Daadima , Geet’s life is in danger and Dev unintentionally has made friends with Radhika so please Daadima I just want to misguide them for few days until I have everything set up .

Okay Maan I trust you I know you doing everything for Geet’s safety I will tell the same as you say

Thank you Daadima and I’ll speak to you soon

Maan also made a call to Adi giving instructions and headed off to the kitchen to get juice for him and Geet .

When Maan returned to the pool area Geet was in a bad condition she was crying so fiercely . He placed the juices down on the table and lifted Geet again in his arms and made her sit in his leap cradling her close to his chest protecting her from harm . He wiped her tears and slowly turned her head to him

Jaan I love you so much and it hurts me to see you like this , won’t you tell your Maan what happened in college .

Remember Jaan our relationship is very unique we met on the day you told about your parents death we registered our marriage then when we were strangers , we later became friends and got Engaged , We fell in love and now we enjoying our courtship but we both aware of the dangers that surround you .

Jaan I really love you and there is nothing absolutely nothing in this entire Universe that will change my opinion about you

 Geet looked into Maan’s eyes and she uttered sobbingly

I too have fallen in love with you Maan

I love you too and trust you , its just my scared but ……

No Baby there is nothing to be scared about , Maan brought her head and laid it on his chest comforting her making her to relax he couldn’t understand what has made her so stressed and her cries just kill him , hugging her tight to him he whispered

I love you Mrs Khurana My Jaan always and forever stay with me my love

And Geet wrapped her hands around his torso hugging him even tighter getting her solace they kept silent for few minutes when Geet said

Maan , my parents were Advocates and my Dad wanted the same for me , for as long as I can remember that is exactly what I too wanted making my parents happy was always something that came naturally . I wanted to go into Jewel Design but I never mentioned this to them yes Shamila Bhabhi knew of it and always encouraged me to study what I would enjoy most , studying for me is enjoyment it does not matter about the field but lately I feel studying is a waste . I’m beginning to hate myself why can I not just do what my father intended me to do .

Maan kept quiet listening to Geet still holding her in his arms and soothing her . He wanted she must open up fully talk about her distress .

Maan today Advocate Connell gave all the students Family Law as we have to do a case study at that very moment I blanked out it was as if I’m forcing myself into a career that means nothing to me . Why would I deceive my father in this way ? How can I cheat my parents ? and she burst into loud sobs crying .

This time Maan let her cry because its crucial to let out her  frustrations , her confusions , her pain she needed to cry one last time she needed to make a decision for her future and no matter what she chooses Maan knew he would stand strong by her side and support her .

Meanwhile In India

Dev , Radhika and Quintin were making plans to travel to USA in the coming weeks . Dev was sure that Maan would not know anything about him . His lust and desires increasing by the day to have Geet . While Quintin needed to settle old scores and was planning on kidnapping Geet















An Arrangement Part 17

The next morning brought excitement for all but it seemed Mother Nature has something

else planned within few minutes the sky darken once again bringing in heavy clouds .

Shamila had decided it was best to stay in doors as there is no fun going on a picnic on a rainy day .

At breakfast Geet said she could start with her studies while Maan felt it was a perfect day to spend with Geet

After breakfast Shamila excused herself and Megha

Maan seeing that Geet to wanted to leave said

Jaan , I love rainy days , there is so much life on wet days ,

will you gift me your presence for the entire day and just be with me “

Geet smiled and nodded her head in approval

Maan did not want to spoil anything but he too was so overwhelmed with feelings that he leaped forward and hugged Geet saying

“Jaan tomorrow you’ll be at College while I’ll be lonely without you so today
fill me up with a mischievous Geet “
coming out of the hug but still having Geet in his arms he looked
 into her eyes and asked her “Geet , my Jaan why are you quiet will you not
show me a different Geet today ,
a playful Geet one who will teach her Maan about fun “
Geet too was overwhelmed with feelings and Maan’s proximity really made it difficult for her to verbalize her words so she again shyly just nodded .

Maan smiled at her than said“Jaan the clothes you and I are wearing is not very comfortable for the rains , please change and don’t wear any shoes we’ll stroll in the rain for a short time “

A few minutes later Maan came out the guest room wearing shorts and tees while Geet decided on wearing the same shorts and tees making Maan admire her

Jaan you look so beautiful that I’m doubting whether we should step out

Geet shyly said Maan I’m looking the same as always
I agree Jaan you always do look beautiful but now what will I do when the rain drops fall on you
and Geet was confused as to what to really answer because if they were to go outside its obvious the rain drops will fall on her too
Oh Jaan , don’t confuse yourself I’ll tell you once we outside
Both bid Shamila bye as they would be strolling outside for a while
Once they left Tamy’s house the soft drizzle started falling on them and Geet looked at Maan trying to tell him see I have to also get wet but when Maan looked at her he was totally mesmerized it seemed as if he was watching some mermaid or rain Goddess
seeing Maan’s intense and mesmerized eyes on her Geet felt shy , she felt nervous , she felt conscious while Maan seemed too relaxed or was he nervous too just like Geet , she could not tell as his composure certainly was one of chirpy and relax or maybe just happy

Jaan you promised to show me a mischievous Geet but I’m seeing someone that is deep in thought are you fine do you want to go back home , we can ……….. 

Maan could not complete his sentence as Geet said
No Maan , I was just thinking about what you had said before we came out
Maan smiled and said Jaan , my Sona you can tell me anything please don’t hide
and Geet said Maan I’m truly only thinking about what you had said because I would get wet by the rain so I did not understand
Oh my Baby have patience
And Maan slipped his hands around Geet’s waist bringing her closer to him


The moment Maan wrapped his arms around Geet the rain started pouring a little faster

the atmosphere had  turned magical instantly as both were getting wet they stood still with Geet creeping more into Maan trying to hide her body from the cold showers and Maan felt elated taking his girl in his arms and bringing her closer to him .

Geet snuggled more into Maan .

Geet wanted to also wrap her arms around Maan’s waist but it seemed as his top lifted a little so when she wrapped her tiny arms around his waist her hands came into contact with his wet skin and both felt an electrifying sense run through their bodies , Maan instantly pressed Geet against him while her face was in the crook of his neck sending shivers and electric sparks through him with every breath that touched his skin he felt intoxicated he wanted more , this was a whole new experience it felt blissful it felt as if he was in some fairy tale land .

Maan bend his head a little covering Geet’s face , he place his lips on her wet cheeks and softly started giving her gentle and soft feather kisses , it was beautiful kissing his girl while the rain was falling on them .


He engulfed her even tighter and started giving a little more  butterfly kisses on her whole face Maan’s lips moved to the earlobes giving Geet an earlobe kiss  where he kissed more vibrantly  allowing his tongue to toy in and out of her ears sucking on her lobes  which melted her she felt like wax at that moment Maan’s tongue was playing with her lobes sending sensations throughout her body .

Geet clung more to Maan and held his waist tighter  at the same time  she bit him on his neck as its the first time Maan has kissed her like this and she was unaware of her actions .

Aaah !!! Jaan have you just sharpened your teeth
Baby now you will have to take the pain away
Geet looked at Maan all confused and he carried a mischievous smile he said
Jaan you bit me , now you have to kiss the pain away
otherwise the bite will become more painful so will ………….
Maan could not complete his sentence as he saw his blushing Jaan so he decided to have more fun by teasing Geet
Ouch !!! Jaan its really painful maybe we have to ………..


 Maan stood stunned and surprised as he thought to tease Geet and see her blushing more but instead when his facial expressions too showed he was in pain Geet immediately placed her lips on the bite mark but she had no idea what to do just lingering her soft lips on Maan’s neck and that action of hers was giving Maan  a sweet torture he again bend his face near Geet’s face and started giving her Jaw kisses making her curl her toes while her hands left Maan’s waist and travelled slowly and gently up his back

Jaan kiss the bite exactly how I’m kissing your jaws

And Geet opened her mouth to give Maan’s bite butterfly kisses , she was no expert but her efforts was a thrill well it was the first time that both are kissing each other this way

Is this the correct way I’m kissing you

Oh my beautiful Jaan it has be it feels heavenly , it feels intoxicating , it makes me feel I’m yours
Jaan don’t stop
Kiss me ………….just kiss …….kiss and more………….kiss me please Jaan
And Geet got carried away in her Maan’s words kissing him having confidence now that she is doing everything correct she kissed his entire neck and further went up to his jaw line .
she would have continued kissing him but the downpour again started mightier and faster making both of them stop their romance and seek shelter .